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Global Style Christmas Gifts

Christmas gifts and decorations inspired by Asia, Africa and the Pacific. Unusual gifts for a unique holiday look. Go to:  Jan Barboglio, Jan Barboglio Candles

Jan Barboglio Candles

Torre Hurricane Alta-Cristina Hurricane
Torre Hurricane Jan Barboglio Alta-Cristina Hurricane
Oversized, mouth-blown acanalado hurricane with wax cast ball stand. Each is unique and no two are alike in shape or exact height. Clear glass hurricane rests on an iron stand with five taper holders. Stand is wax-cast iron; hurricane is decorated with hand etching. 14"Sq. x 18.5"T.


Adelita Angelito Vela Flama d'Pasion Vessels Adelita Cruzita Vela
Adelita Angelito Vela Flama d'Pasion Vessels Adelita Cruzita Vela
Three-ringed candle with smallest of angels & signature nickel flower. Glass/iron/raffia. Mouth-blown opalescent vessels with iron stand, for votive, shot glass or vase. Gift box set of four. Three-ringed candle with cut iron cross & signature nickel flower. Glass/iron/raffia


Adelita Red Holiday Candle Adelita Platinum Holiday Candle Mariposa Iron & Glass Votive
Jan Barboglio Adelita Holiday Candles  Adelita Platinum Holiday Candle Jan Barboglio Mariposa Iron & Glass Votive
Handcrafted candles. Glass container accented with iron and raffia. Wax candle. Handcrafted candle. Glass container accented with iron and raffia. Wax candle. 2.5"Dia. x 5.5"T. Container holds standard votive candle once initial wax is used; ball can be removed if desired. Iron butterfly stand with single glass votive.


Santo Nino Scented Candle 4 Rosas Candlestick Adelita Candle
Santo Nino Scented Candle Jan Barboglio 4 Rosas Candlestick Jan Barboglio Adelita Candle
Hand-poured candle. Glass container; wax-cast iron lid. 3.25"Dia. x 7.75"T. Mexican orange blossom fragrance. Handcrafted iron and glass candlestick. Four large iron roses surround a clear glass container on a forged iron stand. 10"Dia. x 26.25"T. Handcrafted candle with blue glass bird accent. Hand-blown glass, iron, and wax.


NMF17_H9UQP Adelita Houseblessing Cross Candle
Jan Barboglio Amor Candle Jan Barboglio Adelita Houseblessing Cross Candle
Hand-poured, unscented candle. 3"W x 4"D x 5.5"T. Glass container accented with platinum flower and hand-blown glass heart. Handcrafted iron-ringed candle with glass cross ornament. Forged iron, hand-blown glass, and wax.


NMF17_H9TWH Rosas Candelabrum Moonbeam Wall Sconce
Jan Barboglio Wildvine Candelabra Jan Barboglio Rosas Candelabrum Jan Barboglio Moonbeam Wall Sconce
Handcrafted candelabra/container. 29"W x 7.5"D x 20.5"T. Hand-blown glass and iron. Rose and wild leaf base. Candelabrum is decorated with 15 handmade iron roses. Five hand-blown clear glass cups perch on the iron stand. 42"W x 7.5"D x 44.75"T. Glass cups, dishwasher safe. Handcrafted candle sconce. Iron and antiqued glass mirrors.


Firedance Votive Holder Mission Cross Wall Sconce Two Cotorro Candlesticks
Jan Barboglio Firedance Votive Holder Jan Barboglio Mission Cross Wall Sconce Jan Barboglio Two Cotorro Candlesticks
Hand-blown glass votive holder with iron stand. 3"Sq. x 4.75"T. Votive is removable from stand. Size and thickness of glass will vary. Handcrafted candle sconce. Hand-forged iron. A pair of handcrafted, wax-cast iron birds for tapered candles.


Jan Barboglio Rosa Laurel Candelabra Jan Barboglio Torreon Small Hurricane Jan Barboglio Bartolo Bendito Hurricane
Handcrafted candelabra. Corona laurel etched, hand-blown glass on a stone stand. Made of iron, glass, and cement. Hand-blown glass hurricane. Hand-finished wax-cast iron stand. Hand-blown and etched hurricane with natural candlestick. Made of iron and glass.

Jan Barboglio

Inspired by the romance of historic Mexico, Jan Barboglio creates decorative iron accessories featuring glass and wooden accents. Every piece is cut, fashioned, forged, and finished by hand, and each is accompanied by a meaningful sentiment, proverb, or poem.

Magdalena Centerpiece Bowl Capilla Cruz Cross Blessed Stone Pisapapel
Magdalena Centerpiece Bowl Capilla Cruz Cross Blessed Stone Pisapapel
Handcrafted centerpiece bowl. Wax-cast iron stand with branches and roses design. White ceramic bowl. 20.5"Dia. x 13"T. Bowl is dishwasher safe. Wax cast iron cross rests on ball and stand. Stone ball, crowned with cross on stand. Each is unique in finish. Cast stone and iron.


Eternal Archangel Tito Decanter
Jan Barboglio Eternal Archangel Jan Barboglio Tito Decanter
Handcrafted angel with butterfly crown and white blessing beads with iron flowers. 22.5"W x 17.25"D x 37.75"T. Cast stone, nickel-plated iron, and wood. Hand-blown glass decanter with iron mariachi topper. 5.5"W x 4.75"D x 10.75"T.


Blue Gourd Bowl Jarron San Juana Blue Pitcher
Jan Barboglio Blue Gourd Bowl Jan Barboglio Jarron San Juana Blue Pitcher
Handcrafted bowl. 6.75"Dia. x 4.25"T. Hand-blown glass and iron. "Pepita" etching. Handcrafted pitcher. Hand-blown glass. Etched handle. 8"W x 7"D x 12.5"T.


Rosa Angel Batea San Francisco Decorative Bowl Angel de Paz Decorative Bowl
Rosa Angel Jan Barboglio Batea San Francisco Decorative Bowl Jan Barboglio Angel de Paz Decorative Bowl
Thick glass angel blessing with rose in gift box. Glass and iron. Handcrafted bowl for decorative use only. The large, carved wood bowl is hand painted with the image of San Francisco, also known as St. Francis of Assisi (patron saint of nature). Each will vary. Approximately 17.25"W x 5"D x 48"T. Hand-blown glass and cast-iron bowl. 6.5"Dia. x 9.25"T.


NMF17_H9TVT Corozon con Cruz Cross Renesito Rana Frog
Jan Barboglio Rene Rana Frog Corozon con Cruz Cross Jan Barboglio Renesito Rana Frog
Wax-cast stone frog. 7"W x 10.5"D x 6.5"T. German-nickel-plated three-point crown. Forged heart with primitive cross on stand. Wax-cast stone frog. 3.25"W x 4"D x 3.5"T. German-nickel-plated three-point crown.


NMF17_H9TWK Monarca Bowl NMF17_H9TV2
Jan Barboglio Petunia Pig Moneybank Jan Barboglio Monarca Bowl Jan Barboglio Porkey Pig Moneybank
Wax-cast pig with flower crown bank. Cast iron Wax-cast iron butterfly stand supports a white ceramic bowl. Handcrafted. 18"Dia. x 8.5"T. Bowl is dishwasher safe. Wax-cast pig with flower crown bank. 7"L x 3.5"W x 4.25"T. Cast iron.


NMF17_H9TPR Grande Rosa Vessel NMF17_H9TVA
Jan Barboglio Bolero Bowl Jan Barboglio Grande Rosa Vessel Jan Barboglio Star Decanter
Hand-blown glass bowl. 13"Dia. x 8.5"T. Iron passion flower leaf stand. Free-formed mouth-blown and engraved vessel holds flowers and candles. Each is handmade and will vary slightly. Iron and glass. Clear glass decanter. German-nickel star stopper; leather "whiskey" embossed strap.


Jan Barboglio Amber Gourd Bowl Jan Barboglio Bullpen Box Jan Barboglio Saffron Pulque Bowl
Handcrafted bowl. 6.75"Dia. x 4.25"T. Hand-blown glass and iron. "Pepita" etching on iron stand. Hammered box. 13.5"W x 5.5"D x 4"T. Iron; wax-cast bull decoration; leather insert. Handcrafted bowl. 4.75"Dia. x 2.5"T. Hand-blown glass vessel on beaded iron stand.


Jan Barboglio Roble Box Jan Barboglio Pajarito Box Jan Barboglio Queen Bee Container
Hand-forged box. 12.25"W x 10.75"D x 4.25"T. Iron. Accented with wax-cast oak leaves and ballin. Leather insert. Wax-cast iron box. 5.75"W x 3.25"D x 5.5"T. Leather insert. Glass container. 4.25"Dia. x 9"T. Metal wax-cast, crowned bee lid.


Jan Barboglio Pequeno Guardian Angel Jan Barboglio Mariposa Angel Jan Barboglio Angel Figurine
Handcrafted angel figurine. Hammered, forged iron. Handcrafted butterfly angel figurine. Wax-cast iron. Hand finished. Handcrafted angel figurine. Wax-cast, nickel-plated iron.


NMF17_H9TVF Jaguar Pitcher NMS16_H8KF5
Jan Barboglio Monterrey Bowl Jaguar Pitcher Jan Barboglio Azure Pulque Bowl
Bowl on stand. 4"Dia. x 4"T. Ceramic bowl; iron stand. Engraved eagle crest on mouth-blown pitcher in jaguar pattern. Handcrafted bowl. Hand-blown glass. Beaded iron base.


Golondrina Box San Francisco Statue NMS16_H8KEX
Golondrina Box Jan Barboglio San Francisco Statue Jan Barboglio Angelito Bendito Vessel
Hinged box with wax cast golondrina, divider, and leather insert—for change, playing cards. Stone and gesso statue is hand finished in green. Natural iron crown and birds. 10"W x 9"D x 28"T. Handcrafted angelic-shaped glass bottle with iron stopper. Hand blown and hand finished.


NMS15_H7YXM NMS15_H7YVP Domo Paloma Domed Server
Jan BarboglioHouse Blessing Dome Jan Barboglio Clarity 9" Serving Bowl Jan Barboglio Domo Paloma Domed Server
Handcrafted dome. Made of hand-blown glass with hammered, forged iron tray. Handcrafted bowl. Hand-blown glass with hand-etched design. Iron stand. Food safe. Handcrafted glass dome and iron platter. Hand-blown glass dome with bird is etched by hand. Iron platter has lightly hammered texture.


Cerillos Longhorn Match Holder St. Christopher Blooming Boll Decorative Bowl
Jan Barboglio Cerillos Longhorn Match Holder Jan Barboglio St. Christopher Jan Barboglio Blooming Boll Decorative Bowl
Cast-iron match holder with long fireplace matches. Cast stone "saint to the traveler" with stone sphere and iron aura. Handcrafted wax-cast iron bowl decorated with roses and cotton boll blossoms. For decorative use only; not intended for food use.


Sugarstone Circle Table Guardian Angel Table Mesa d' Oro Side Table
Jan Barboglio Sugarstone Circle Table Jan Barboglio Guardian Angel Table Jan Barboglio Mesa d' Oro Side Table
Table with sugarstone top and forged iron stand. 12"Dia. x 24.5"T. Handcrafted winged angel table. 14.5"W x 13.75"D x 28"T. Wax-cast iron base; forged iron top. Hand finished. Bronze table top. Iron stand. 11.25"Sq. x 24.25"T.

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