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Curtain Hardware
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Unique Hardware with Global Interest

Unique hardware. Distinctive globally inspired curtain hardware. Rods, finials, brackets and holdbacks add the finishing touch. Handcrafted hooks. Go to: Curtain Finials, Curtain Holdbacks, Curtain Rods and Rings, Hooks

Curtain Finials

Slide View: 1: Leigh Finials, Set of 2 Slide View: 1: Quilted Glass Finials Slide View: 4: Olympia Finials, Set of 2
Leigh Finials, Set of 2 Quilted Glass Finials Olympia Finials, Set of 2
Glass, cast iron Glass, cast iron Glass, brass, iron


Slide View: 1: Stag Finials Slide View: 1: Sora Finials Slide View: 1: Bombay Tassel Finials
Stag Finials Sora Finials Bombay Tassel Finials
Cast aluminum Cast iron  Set of two. Brass, cotton, jute

Slide View: 1: Diadem Finials Slide View: 1: Clustered Fan Finials Slide View: 1: Matengo Finials
Diadem Finials Clustered Fan Finials Matengo Finials
Iron, brass Resin, cast iron, brass Iron

Slide View: 1: Swirled Mercury Finials Slide View: 1: Beanstalk Finials Slide View: 1: Curious Rabbit Finials
Swirled Mercury Finials Beanstalk Finials Curious Rabbit Finials
Set of two. Glass, iron Ceramic, iron Cast aluminum

Curtain Holdbacks

Slide View: 1: Constance Tieback Slide View: 1: Queen Bee Tieback Slide View: 1: Speckled Tieback
Constance Tieback Queen Bee Tieback Speckled Tieback
Cast iron Brass Cast iron, ceramic


Slide View: 1: Rylee Tieback Slide View: 1: Leigh Tieback Slide View: 2: Deco Cat Tieback
Rylee Tieback Leigh Tieback Deco Cat Tieback
Glass, cast iron Glass, cast iron Cast aluminum


Slide View: 1: Olympia Tieback Slide View: 1: Claude Tieback Slide View: 1: Corbin Tieback
Olympia Tieback Claude Tieback Corbin Tieback
Glass, cast brass, iron Brass Leather, brass


Slide View: 1: Intersection Tie-Back Slide View: 1: Marais Tie-Back Slide View: 1: Sora Tieback
Intersection Tie-Back Marais Tie-Back Sora Tieback
Marble, brass inlay Cast iron Cast iron


Slide View: 1: Luminous Cone Tieback Slide View: 1: Rylee Tieback Slide View: 1: Luminous Round Tieback
Luminous Cone Tieback Rylee Tieback Luminous Round Tieback
Glass, iron Glass, cast iron Glass, iron

Slide View: 1: Gilded Aviary Tieback Slide View: 2: Glass Melon Tieback Slide View: 1: Handheld Tieback
Gilded Aviary Tieback Glass Melon Tieback Handheld Tieback
Cast aluminum glass, brass, iron Brass

Slide View: 2: Watchdog Tieback Slide View: 1: Clustered Fan Tieback Slide View: 1: Wise Owl Tieback
Watchdog Tieback Clustered Fan Tieback Wise Owl Tieback
Brass Resin, brass, steel Brass

Slide View: 1: Makira Tassel Tieback Slide View: 4: Bow & Arrow Tieback Slide View: 3: Anchored Tieback
Makira Tassel Tieback Bow & Arrow Tieback Anchored Tieback
Brass, jute Cast Iron Brass, cotton

Slide View: 1: Ceramic Melon Tieback Slide View: 3: Cleaved Totem Tieback Slide View: 1: Branch Curtain Tie-Back
Ceramic Melon Tieback Cleaved Totem Tieback Branch Curtain Tie-Back
Ceramic, brass, iron Iron, marble Time to go out on a limb and class things up a bit with these antiqued brass panel tie-backs, artfully shaped like tree branches

Curtain Rods and Rings

Slide View: 1: Olivia Curtain Rod Set Slide View: 1: Adjustable Double Curtain Rod Slide View: 3: Lexington Curtain Rod
Olivia Curtain Rod Set Adjustable Double Curtain Rod Lexington Curtain Rod
Brass, aluminum Iron Iron, aluminum


Slide View: 1: Fulton Curtain Rod Slide View: 2: Clarence Swing-Arm Curtain Rod Slide View: 1: Gramercy Curtain Rod Set
Fulton Curtain Rod Clarence Swing-Arm Curtain Rod Gramercy Curtain Rod Set
Iron, aluminum, marble Finial included. Iron, aluminum Iron, aluminum

Slide View: 1: Faceted Wood Curtain Rod Slide View: 1: Cappa Curtain Rod Slide View: 2: Twig-Etched Curtain Rod Set
Faceted Wood Curtain Rod Cappa Curtain Rod Twig-Etched Curtain Rod Set
Mango wood, iron Minimal gold tone curtain rod that adjusts to fit most windows. In satin-finished metal, cleanly capped with cylindrical finials Mango wood, iron

Slide View: 1: Theodore Curtain Rod
Theodore Curtain Rod
Iron, pine

Hooks and Switch Plates

Slide View: 2: Kasia Wisniewski Stingray Hook Slide View: 1: Ruth Monogram Hook Slide View: 2: Ingrid Hook
Kasia Wisniewski Sealife Hook Ruth Monogram Hook Ingrid Hook
Cast brass Cast aluminum, iron Iron

Slide View: 2: Amelia Kingston Flora Hook Slide View: 1: Kasia Wisniewski Hook Slide View: 2: Ingrid Hook
Amelia Kingston Flora Hook Kasia Wisniewski Hook Ingrid Hook
Designed by Amelia Kingston in collaboration with Anthropologie, this handpainted hook brings an artful touch to organization anywhere in your home. Cast brass Iron


Slide View: 3: Haley Hook Slide View: 3: Renee Hook Slide View: 1: Katerina Hook
Haley Hook Renee Hook Katerina Hook
Cast brass Cast iron, glass Acacia wood, iron

Slide View: 1: Elsie Hook Slide View: 1: Idris Jewelry Organizer Slide View: 1: Kayla Jewelry Rack
Elsie Hook Idris Jewelry Organizer Kayla Jewelry Rack
Cast iron, resin Featuring plenty of hooks and a built-in mirror, this handcrafted piece organizes and displays your most-loved jewelry. Tropical hardwood, iron


Slide View: 1: Naomi Jewelry Rack Slide View: 1: Paradiso Jewelry Rack Slide View: 1: Alchemy Jewelry Rack
Naomi Jewelry Rack Paradiso Jewelry Rack Alchemy Jewelry Rack
Handmade iron with electrophoretic brass finish; mirrored glass Iron Tropical wood, iron, marble

Slide View: 1: Handpainted Monogram Hook Slide View: 1: Artful Animal Monogram Hook Slide View: 1: Odessa Hook
Handpainted Monogram Hook Artful Animal Monogram Hook Odessa Hook
Brooklyn-based Danielle Kroll is an artist, designer and Anthropologie art department alum. Her whimsical styles, inspired by her ever-growing personal collection of vintage memorabilia, will awaken your curiosity and enliven your day Working primarily with watercolor, Lucy Eldridge's eclectic, vibrant work showcases the artist's deep understanding of the world around her, from her unexpected use of color to the way she is able to meld opposite subject matters into one cohesive piece Iron, glass

Slide View: 3: Mimi Hook Slide View: 3: Myra Hook Slide View: 1: Matilde Monogram Hook
Mimi Hook Myra Hook Matilde Monogram Hook
Ceramic, cast iron Ceramic, cast iron Stoneware; chrome-plated iron


Slide View: 1: Maria Hook Rack Slide View: 4: Pearlie Hook Slide View: 4: Tiled Margot Monogram Hook
Maria Hook Rack Pearlie Hook Tiled Margot Monogram Hook
Hand carved marble, brass, stainless steel Cast iron Inspired by detailed tilework, this collection adds a little cosmopolitan charm to your space.


Slide View: 1: Captured Agate Hook Rack Slide View: 2: Mother-Of-Pearl Hook Slide View: 1: Metallic Accordian Hook Rack
Captured Agate Hook Rack Mother-Of-Pearl Hook Metallic Accordion Hook Rack
Stone, brass, iron Cast iron, mother of pearl Cast iron


Courtly Check Double Rocker Light Switch Cover Plate Slide View: 1: Bel-Air Hook Rack Slide View: 3: Mabel Hook
MacKenzie-Childs  Courtly Check Light Switch Cover Plates Bel-Air Hook Rack Mabel Hook
Heavy-gauge, hand-glazed steel under body switch plate. Hand-painted Courtly Check pattern. Antiqued brass-plated hardware. Iron Marble, brass


Slide View: 4: Underbrush Hook Slide View: 3: Avignon Hook Slide View: 1: Airen Grove Hook Rack
Underbrush Hook Avignon Hook Airen Grove Hook Rack
Brass Cast iron Aluminum


Slide View: 3: Harlington Hook Slide View: 1: Olympia Hook Slide View: 1: Gwyneth Hook
Harlington Hook Olympia Hook Gwyneth Hook
Hand painted Cast brass, glass Cast iron, glass

Slide View: 1: Cerco Hook Slide View: 1: Cerco Hook Rack Slide View: 1: Forager's Hook
Cerco Hook Cerco Hook Rack Forager's Hook
Cast iron Cast iron, aluminum Cast brass

Slide View: 2: Aerin Hook Slide View: 3: Hanging Jewelry Organizer Slide View: 1: Gateway Jewelry Hook Rack
Aerin Hook Hanging Jewelry Organizer Gateway Jewelry Hook Rack
Cast iron Massachusetts-based artist Kellsie Rees creates handcrafted wooden organizers that showcase the beauty of the jewelry they display. Stainless steel

Slide View: 1: Marta Hook Slide View: 2: Morocco Key Hook Slide View: 1: Gleaming Safari Bust
Marta Hook Morocco Key Hook Gleaming Safari Bust
Stoneware, zinc alloy Brass Cast brass

Slide View: 1: Hanging Jewelry Organizer Slide View: 2: Ruth Hook Rack
Hanging Jewelry Organizer Ruth Hook Rack
Massachusetts-based artist Kellsie Rees creates handcrafted wooden organizers that showcase the beauty of the jewelry they display. Handpainted cast aluminum

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