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Easy Weekend Wear

Easy weekend wear to add fashionable flexibility and comfort to your wardrobe. Go to: Lili's Closet, On The Road, Saturday/Sunday, Ro & De, Rinku Dalamal, Stateside, Lacusa, Joa

Kimonos and Vests

Slide View: 1: Amazonia Silk Kimono Slide View: 1: Tropicalia Silk Kimono Slide View: 1: Cora Geometric Kimono
Amazonia Silk Kimono Tropicalia Silk Kimono Cora Geometric Kimono
Venezuelan designer Sigal Cohen Wolkowiez draws inspiration from the tropical warmth and vibrancy of her native country. Using the finest silks and cashmeres, she creates luxe designs destined to make a statement. Her stunning kimonos can take you from the beach to a night on the town in an instant. Venezuelan designer Sigal Cohen Wolkowiez draws inspiration from the tropical warmth and vibrancy of her native country. Using the finest silks and cashmeres, she creates luxe designs destined to make a statement. Her stunning kimonos can take you from the beach to a night on the town in an instant. Viscose

Slide View: 1: Printed Cocoon Kimono Slide View: 1: Tropical Split-Back Vest Slide View: 1: Floral Dolman-Sleeve Kimono
Printed Cocoon Kimono Tropical Split-Back Vest Floral Dolman-Sleeve Kimono
Modal Viscose Modal


Slide View: 1: Rhiannon Kimono Slide View: 1: Pacific Draped Cardigan Slide View: 1: Hadley Kimono
Rhiannon Kimono Pacific Draped Cardigan Hadley Kimono
Viscose. Tassel hem Rayon, polyester Viscose

Slide View: 1: Delia Crocheted Kimono Slide View: 1: Ruana Jacquard Kimono Slide View: 1: Mika Printed Kimono
Delia Crocheted Kimono Ruana Jacquard Kimono Mika Printed Kimono
Cotton Viscose A vibrant print tops this effortless summer layer. Pair it with your favorite denim or over your swimsuit.

Slide View: 1: Shell Cropped Shrug Slide View: 2: Shareen Kimono Slide View: 1: Dusty Rose Lace Kimono
Shell Cropped Shrug Shareen Kimono Dusty Rose Lace Kimono
This handmade, cropped topper evokes island ease and is a perfect layer for breezy summer nights. A print in summer's softest hues tops this effortless layer. Pair it with your favorite pair of denim or over your swimsuit. Cotton, polyester

Slide View: 1: Carson Reversible Kimono Jacket Slide View: 2: Bird of Paradise Kimono Slide View: 1: June Embroidered Poncho
Carson Reversible Kimono Jacket Bird of Paradise Kimono June Embroidered Poncho
Polyester; polyester lining Embroidered polyester Polyester


Slide View: 1: Ombre Sheen Kimono Slide View: 1: Structured Lace Kimono Slide View: 1: Cropped Patchwork Kimono
Ombré Sheen Kimono Structured Lace Kimono Cropped Patchwork Kimono
Polyester, rayon All over lace in crisp white makes for a chic, feminine summer topper. Cotton, glass beads

Slide View: 1: Fareeda Silk Caftan Dress Slide View: 1: Embroidered Satin Kimono Slide View: 1: Georgette Ruffle Kimono
Fareeda Silk Caftan Dress Embroidered Satin Kimono Georgette Ruffle Kimono
A printed silk caftan is an effortlessly chic layer for your beach-day attire. From Matta NY. Polyester Polyester, rayon

Slide View: 1: Vivian Ruffle Kimono Slide View: 1: Sprightly Kimono Slide View: 1: Moulin Kimono
Vivian Ruffle Kimono Sprightly Kimono Moulin Kimono
Viscose Cotton, polyester. Beaded detail Visocse

Slide View: 1: Springfield Kimono Slide View: 1: Sunshine Paisley Kimono Slide View: 1: Petunia Kimono
Springfield Kimono Sunshine Paisley Kimono Petunia Kimono
Viscose. Front pockets Rayon Embroidered vines weave and bloom atop this spring-forward topper.

Slide View: 1: Violetta Kimono Slide View: 1: Iliana Kimono Slide View: 1: Violet Skies Silk Kimono
Violetta Kimono Iliana Kimono Violet Skies Silk Kimono
Polyester Viscose, rayon Silk

Slide View: 1: Lynnie Tasseled Kimono Slide View: 1: Isolde Kimono Slide View: 1: Georgette Poncho
Lynnie Tasseled Kimono Isolde Kimono Georgette Poncho
Cotton, silk. Embroidered detail Drape this floral cardigan over your garden-party best for a breezy, feminine summer statement. Viscose

Slide View: 1: Kaden Striped Kimono Slide View: 1: L Space Amanda Cover-Up
Kaden Striped Kimono L Space Amanda Cover-Up
Cotton. Ribbed trim detail Delighting in the laidback lifestyle of the sun-kissed West Coast, L Space's Monica Wise creates fuss-free pieces made to be worn on the sand and in the sea. Inspired by four "Ls" - Love, Laughter, Lounging and Living - each form-flattering staple is made for mixing and matching.

Slide View: 1: Aggie Ruffle Kimono Slide View: 1: Honeydew Kimono Slide View: 1: Embroidered Perennials Kimono
Aggie Ruffle Kimono Honeydew Kimono Embroidered Perennials Kimono
Rayon, cotton Modal, linen, lurex Of-the-moment embroidery accents this flowy floral piece.

Lili's Closet

Slide View: 1: Nina Ruffled Pullover Slide View: 1: Eyelet Cardigan Slide View: 1: Ruffled Gingham Mini Skirt
Nina Ruffled Pullover Eyelet-Backed Pullover Ruffled Gingham Mini Skirt
Cotton, polyester Cotton Polyester, cotton; polyester, cotton lining


Slide View: 1: Ruffle-Tiered Shift Slide View: 1: Carley Metallic Poncho Slide View: 1: Pleated Chambray Skirt
Ruffle-Tiered Shift Carley Metallic Poncho Pleated Chambray Skirt
Cotton; cotton lining Rayon, cotton, metallic Polyester, cotton. Tie-waist detail

Slide View: 1: Maya Cutout Skirt
Maya Cutout Skirt
Polyester; cotton, spandex lining


Saturday/Sunday is wholly devoted to the cozy comfort of the weekend. From slouchy French terry hoodies to slim leggings, this loungewear line focuses on ease-of-wear; silhouettes are simple and fabrics are washed (and washed again) to achieve a perfectly worn, loved-forever feel.

Slide View: 1: Clement Tee Slide View: 1: Side-Buttoned Pants Slide View: 1: Textured Silk Tee
Clement Terry Tee Side-Buttoned Soft Pants Textured Silk Tee
Cotton, polyester Cotton, polyester Silk

Slide View: 1: Atwater Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Gwendolyn Dress Slide View: 1: Terry Tie-Waist Romper
Atwater Jumpsuit Gwendolyn Dress Terry Tie-Waist Romper
Polyester. Wide-leg silhouette. Adjustable tie straps Rayon Cotton, polyester. Tie-waist detail. Shoulder button closure

Slide View: 1: Kendra Oversized Tunic Slide View: 1: Anya Hoodie Dress Slide View: 1: Smocked Strapless Romper
Kendra Oversized Tunic Anya Hoodie Dress Smocked Strapless Romper
Rayon, polyester Cotton Cotton, polyester


Slide View: 1: Faye Striped Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Mila Joggers Slide View: 1: Idell Smocked Jumpsuit
Faye Striped Jumpsuit Mila Joggers Idell Smocked Jumpsuit
Rayon Rayon Rayon. Adjustable straps

Rinku Dalamal

Slide View: 1: Tie-Dyed Silk Maxi Dress Slide View: 1: Falling Leaves Midi Skirt Slide View: 1: Tie-Sleeve Gingham Blouse
Tie-Dyed Silk Maxi Dress Falling Leaves Midi Skirt Tie-Sleeve Gingham Blouse
Crafted from the finest silk, this tie-dyed maxi makes an elegant silhouette for an anticipated warm weather event. From Rinku Dalamal. Viscose; viscose lining. Asymmetrical silhouette Cotton

On The Road

Slide View: 1: Thienne Twist-Front Top Slide View: 1: Rae High-Low Maxi Skirt Slide View: 1: Junie Tank Top
Thienne Twist-Front Top Rae High-Low Maxi Skirt Junie Tank Top
Rayon, spandex. Twist-front detail Rayon Rayon, polyester

Ro & De

Slide View: 1: Bow Back Tank Slide View: 1: Isa Ruffled Blouse
Bow Back Tank Isa Ruffled Blouse
Cotton Polyester


Slide View: 1: Phoebe Tie-Strap Top Slide View: 1: Seraphina Ruffled Top
Phoebe Tie-Strap Top Seraphina Ruffled Top
Ramie, rayon, spandex. Drop-waist silhouette Rayon, nylon

Slide View: 1: Shay Cami Slide View: 1: Hannah Pleated Tank Top Slide View: 1: Rian Ruffled Blouse
Shay Cami Hannah Pleated Tank Top Rian Ruffled Blouse
Rayon, nylon Cotton Cotton. Ruffled placket and collar


Master T-shirt maker Moise Emquie presents her take on casual weekend wear with Stateside, a collection of so-soft separates. Each American-made piece was meticulously cut and crafted from premium jersey fabric, giving standard relaxation a refreshingly luxe update. With quality and comfort embedded in every design, each cozy staple is made for seamless transitions from bedroom to brunch.

Slide View: 1: Printed Everyday Tank Slide View: 1: Valencia Buttondown Slide View: 1: Leopard Sweatshirt
Printed Everyday Tank Valencia Buttondown Leopard Sweatshirt
Cotton Cotton Cotton, polyester. Distressing at neck, cuffs and hem

Slide View: 1: Surfside Off-The-Shoulder Sweatshirt Slide View: 1: Striped Scoop-Neck Tee Slide View: 1: Fleece Hooded Pullover
Surfside Off-The-Shoulder Sweatshirt Striped Scoop-Neck Tee Fleece Hooded Pullover
Cotton Polyester, cotton Modal, viscose, polyester, spandex


Slide View: 1: Terry Striped Hooded Pullover Slide View: 1: Dewey Summer Sweatshirt Slide View: 1: Crewneck Swing Tank Top
Terry Striped Hooded Pullover Dewey Summer Sweatshirt Crewneck Swing Tank Top
Cotton, polyester. Drawstring hood Modal, cotton Supima cotton

Slide View: 1: Polka Dot Pocket Tank Top Slide View: 1: Dawson Striped Tank Top Slide View: 1: Polka Dot Mock Neck Tee
Polka Dot Pocket Tank Top Dawson Striped Tank Top Polka Dot Mock Neck Tee
Cotton Linen Cotton


Slide View: 1: Westbound T-Shirt Dress Slide View: 1: Solid Pocket Tank Slide View: 1: Crew Neck Kimono Tee
Westbound T-Shirt Dress Solid Pocket Tank Crew Neck Kimono Tee
Cotton Supima cotton Cotton

Slide View: 1: Loganne Striped Dress Slide View: 1: Porto Boatneck Top Slide View: 1: Warm Reverie Tee
Loganne Striped Dress Porto Boatneck Top Warm Reverie Tee
Cotton Cotton. Button detail. Boatneck silhouette Cotton


Lacausa has a double meaning: it's a clever reference to its designers' home base - Los Angeles, California, USA - and an articulation of "la causa," Spanish for "the cause." All garments are crafted with a breezy, fuss-free sensibility under ethical, eco-conscious conditions.

Slide View: 1: Prisha Cami Slide View: 1: Sunday Seashell Tunic Slide View: 1: Striped Santi Jumpsuit
Prisha Cami Sunday Seashell Tunic Striped Santi Jumpsuit
Rayon Viscose; rayon slip Rayon


Slide View: 3: Los Angeles Top Slide View: 1: Vintage Modern Tank Slide View: 1: Audra Dress
Los Angeles Top Vintage Modern Tank Audra Dress
Linen, cotton Cotton, modal, polyester Cotton


Slide View: 1: Ruffled-Sleeve Wide-Leg Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Paola Banded Top Slide View: 1: Alayna Side-Slit Wide-Legs
Ruffled-Sleeve Wide-Leg Jumpsuit Paola Banded Top Alayna Side-Slit Wide-Legs
Cotton, nylon Cotton, nylon Polyester; polyester lining

Slide View: 1: Striped Wrap Mini Skirt Slide View: 1: Emery Lace Top Slide View: 1: Sunbeam Frayed Skirt
Striped Wrap Mini Skirt Emery Lace Top Sunbeam Frayed Skirt
Cotton Cotton; cotton lining. Ruffled detail Cotton, linen

Slide View: 1: Layered & Striped Skirt Slide View: 1: Tie-Front Gingham Tank Slide View: 1: Lawn Party Midi Dress
Layered & Striped Skirt Tie-Front Gingham Tank
Tie-Front Gingham Mini Skirt
Lawn Party Midi Dress
Cotton, rayon; polyester, cotton lining Cotton, linen, polyester Linen, cotton; cotton, linen lining


Slide View: 1: Tiered Denim Jumpsuit Slide View: 2: Mabelle Floral Pants Slide View: 1: Vieques Midi Top
Tiered Denim Jumpsuit Mabelle Floral Pants Vieques Midi Top
Pair this on-trend denim jumpsuit with your favorite slide sandals for effortless desk-to-dinner dressing. From Joa. Polyester; polyester lining. Tie-waist detail Embroidered trim lends this breezy top just the right amount of spring-forward style. From Joa.

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