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Dresses for Easy Wardrobe Options

Dresses in relaxed shapes and comfortable fabrics for easy dressing. Dresses in styles that work for  casual and special occasions. Relaxed options with polish and style. Go to: Ranna Gill, Flannel, Valiante, RIYA, RagaSteele, Sunday in BrooklynThe Odells, Moon River, Flannel, Steele, Rinku Dalamal, Bhanuni by Jyoti, Banjanan, Cecilia Prado

Bhanuni by Jyoti

Traditional art meets avant-garde in designer Jyoti Sharma's line of heirloom-inspired pieces. Blending contemporary trends with conventional silhouettes, Bhanuni by Jyoti exhibits a deep love of design and celebrates her Indian culture in each colorful garment.

Slide View: 1: Dariela Swing Top Slide View: 1: Miley Floral Skirt Slide View: 1: Marilla Maxi Dress
Dariela Swing Top Miley Floral Skirt Marilla Maxi Dress
Rayon, cotton; rayon lining. Beaded and embroidered detail Slightly more ornate than a simple print, the floral appliques on this full skirt make a lovely update for your spring wardrobe. A dazzling combination of embroidery and beadwork tops this printed maxi, for a polished take on boho-chic.

Ranna Gill

Internationally renowned for her line of traditionally inspired clothes and accessories, Ranna Gill creates energetic pieces that continue to test the boundaries of fashion. Each statement-making silhouette is crafted with exquisite attention to detail and infused with Gill's joyful, confident spirit.

Slide View: 1: Eden Tie-Sleeve Blouse Slide View: 1: Hadley Embroidered Tunic Dress Slide View: 1: Dahshur Blouse
Eden Tie-Sleeve Blouse Hadley Embroidered Tunic Dress Dahshur Blouse
Sheer polyester; polyester lining. Pleated detail Rayon Rayon. V-neck. Crochet trim detail

Slide View: 1: Pattern Stripe Skirt Slide View: 2: Sun-Kissed Floral Skirt Slide View: 1: Jordan Shift Dress
Pattern Stripe Skirt Sun-Kissed Floral Skirt Jordan Shift Dress
Polyester; polyester lining. Pleated detail Polyester; polyester lining. Pleated detail Universally flattering, this shift dress styles beautifully with a denim jacket and sandals.

Slide View: 1: Botanical Peasant Top Slide View: 2: Lucy Polka Dot Top Slide View: 1: Posie Wrap Top
Botanical Peasant Top Lucy Polka Dot Top Posie Wrap Top
Reminiscent of balmy summer days, this peasant top features a leafy botanical embroidery that appeals to the nature lover in all of us. Rayon, polyester lining Polyester; polyester lining. Embroidered detail

Slide View: 1: Beaded Wrap Dress Slide View: 1: Esme Pleated Midi Skirt
Beaded Wrap Dress Esme Pleated Midi Skirt
Polyester; polyester lining. Bead embellishment Printed and pleated, this statement-making skirt styles well with a graphic tee tucked in.

Cecilia Prado

With each striking silhouette, Cecilia Prado embraces femininity and texture through her unique approach to design. Using bold, statement fabrics in an array of flattering patterns, each garment infuses a contemporary design with traditional elements for a timeless look.

Slide View: 1: Kelsie Sweater Maxi Dress Slide View: 1: Striped Long Kimono Slide View: 1: Helena Striped Kimono
Kelsie Sweater Maxi Dress Striped Long Kimono Helena Striped Kimono
This boho-chic silhouette flatters with a deep v-neck and a vibrant motif that's perfectly event-ready. Bold stripes and an easy-to-wear silhouette make this kimono a go-to when your outfit needs a touch of colorful flair. Elevate white denim or a favorite dress with this eclectic kimono.


Australian designer Kristy Lawrence founded Flannel to mix vintage artistry with contemporary romance through dreamy florals, cascading ruffles, and delicate lace. With the philosophy, "Live, Work and Play" always in mind, the brand offers feminine silhouettes intended to suit an understated - yet luxurious - bohemian wardrobe.

Slide View: 1: Amber Banded Jumpsuit Slide View: 2: Margot Cropped Linen Top Slide View: 1: Austen Pleated Joggers
Amber Banded Jumpsuit Margot Cropped Linen Top
Margot Linen Skirt
Austen Pleated Joggers
Pair this boho-chic jumpsuit with a classic denim jacket and your favorite wedges for a look that transitions from the office to evening outings with ease. Linen Pair these trendy joggers with a chambray buttondown for a laidback look that's an ideal choice for the weekend.

Slide View: 1: Annie Lace Blouse Slide View: 1: Annie Lace Shorts
Annie Lace Blouse Annie Lace Shorts
A romantic, all-over lace motif makes this beautiful blouse a go-to for an evening out. Nylon; rayon lining


Inspired by the lifestyle on the western coast of India, Australian designer Julz Valiant created Valiante, a resort-style brand that features free-flowing designs. Defined by high-quality materials and delicate detailing, these embroidered silhouettes are effortless, carefree, and perfect for a summer'??s day.

Slide View: 1: Belle Mare Dress Slide View: 1: Leslie Maxi Dress Slide View: 1: Panay Embroidered Caftan
Belle Mare Dress Leslie Maxi Dress Panay Embroidered Caftan
Cotton voile Cotton Cotton. Embroidered detail


Caroline Weller's exquisite designs are inspired by the textiles and printing techniques found in the vibrant markets of India. Her Jaipur-based brand's name, Banjanan, means 'bohemian wanderer' in Hindi - and this spirit is hand-stitched by skilled artisans into each and every beautifully embroidered piece.

Slide View: 1: Hauswirth Embroidered Top Slide View: 1: Denim Lace-Up Top Slide View: 1: Brea Velvet Embroidered Top
Hauswirth Embroidered Top Denim Lace-Up Top Brea Velvet Embroidered Top
Inspired by the romantic artist Johann Jakob Hauswirth, this top is all about the hand-embroidered details and breezy fit. Inspired by the shirts worn by 18th and 19th century sailors, this denim top features a lace-up neck and hand-embroidered details. Historically reserved for royalty and brides, the traditional Zari hand-embroidery on this velvet top is sewn with golden thread.


Slide View: 1: Markle Ruffled Silk Shirtdress
Markle Ruffled Silk Shirtdress


Slide View: 1: Elsie Flutter-Sleeve Dress Slide View: 1: Celestia Tunic Dress Slide View: 4: Merida Embroidered Tunic Dress
Elsie Flutter-Sleeve Dress Celestia Tunic Dress Merida Embroidered Tunic Dress
Crocheted polyester; polyester, spandex lining Rayon; cotton lining Cotton; cotton lining. Embroidered detail


Slide View: 2: Embroidered Peasant Dress
Embroidered Peasant Dress
Cotton, rayon

Rinku Dalamal

Slide View: 1: Botancial Crepe Maxi Dress Slide View: 1: Garden District Wrap Top
Botancial Crepe Maxi Dress Garden District Wrap Top
Lyocell, viscose; polyester lining Viscose


Set on building a wardrobe for the modern boheme, designer Jessica Reid created Steele, the Australian label that fuses confidently pretty details with a modern, relaxed edge. Focusing on textural elements and soft silhouettes, she crafts fundamentally feminine pieces that are casual luxuries worth treasuring.

Slide View: 1: Off-The-Shoulder Sweetheart Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Smocked and Striped Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Gingham Off-The-Shoulder Mini Dress
Off-The-Shoulder Sweetheart Jumpsuit Smocked and Striped Jumpsuit Gingham Off-The-Shoulder Mini Dress
Cotton; cotton lining In a classic striped print, this jumpsuit evokes a wanderlust for beach bungalows and stunning vistas. Cotton, polyester; cotton lining

Slide View: 1: Tiered Gingham Maxi Dress
Tiered Gingham Maxi Dress
Cotton, polyester; cotton lining


Melody and color: two words that excite the senses, inspire the mind and are essential to the creation of art. Raga is the ancient Sanskrit term for these words and the impetus behind this enchanting brand. Since she relocated from rural India to southern California, designer Krishan Chaudrey has blended essential elements of the East and West, crafting textured, timeless garments for the modern bohemian

Slide View: 1: Mazo Pommed Romper Slide View: 1: Unspoken Love Jumpsuit
Mazo Pommed Romper Unspoken Love Jumpsuit
Rayon. Pom embellishment Vibrant embroidery with reflective inlay detailing adds a bohemian touch to this flattering, wear-anywhere jumpsuit.

Moon River

Based in Los Angeles and named for a song written specifically for Audrey Hepburn, Moon River offers sensible style for the free-spirited woman. Clean and natural with a vintage-inspired aesthetic, each feminine, detailed and timeless silhouette brings versatility and personality to your closet.

Slide View: 1: Ruffled Wrap Pants Slide View: 1: Pom-Trimmed Shorts Slide View: 1: Tassel-Trimmed Shorts
Ruffled Wrap Pants Pom-Trimmed Shorts Tassel-Trimmed Shorts
A wrapped silhouette gives these pants an ethereal effect, perfect for breezy, sunny days. Viscose. Pommed hem Viscose, polyamide. Tasseled hem

Slide View: 1: Watson Striped Wide Legs Slide View: 1: Rhett Buttoned Pencil Skirt
Watson Striped Wide Legs Rhett Buttoned Pencil Skirt
Cotton. Wide-leg silhouette Viscose, linen

The Odells

Designed to be effortlessly versatile, each sun-washed staple from The Odells embodies the laidback lifestyle of their Los Angeles home.

Slide View: 1: Larissa Buttondown Dress Slide View: 1: Sonia Drop-Waist Shirtdress Slide View: 1: Zinaida Maxi Wrap Dress
Larissa Buttondown Dress Sonia Drop-Waist Shirtdress Zinaida Maxi Wrap Dress
Rayon Rayon. High-low hem. Drop-waist silhouette This printed maxi dress is a wardrobe must-have all year long. Style with boots and a denim jacket during winter and when the temperatures rise, opt for gladiator sandals and an oversized tote.

Sunday in Brooklyn

Born in South Korea and based in Los Angeles, Jasmine Ko draws inspiration for her designs from across the globe, but especially Brooklyn, the place for which her label is named. Like that beloved borough, Sunday in Brooklyn’s pieces are casual yet refined, ready for an afternoon in the park or a night in the city.

Slide View: 1: Carpinteria Ruffled Top Slide View: 1: Belted Gingham Shirtdress Slide View: 1: Leonora Maxi Dress
Carpinteria Ruffled Top Belted Gingham Shirtdress Leonora Maxi Dress
Rayon, polyester Polyester, cotton Cotton, polyester, spandex

Slide View: 1: Chatham Tank Slide View: 1: Striped Midi Dress Slide View: 1: Plisse Metallic Skirt
Chatham Tank Striped Midi Dress Plisse Metallic Skirt
Polyester, rayon; polyester lining Polyester, rayon, spandex For an Alexa Chung-inspired look, pair this metallic skirt with a slightly oversized sweater and ankle boots.

Slide View: 1: Spliced Stripe Top Slide View: 1: Watson Striped Top Slide View: 1: Kinston Wrap Top
Spliced Stripe Top Watson Striped Top Kinston Wrap Top
Rayon, spandex Rayon, spandex Modal, polyester, spandex

Slide View: 1: Lace-Layered Pullover Slide View: 1: Embroidered Eyelash Cardigan Slide View: 1: Falana Embroidered Pullover
Lace-Layered Pullover Embroidered Eyelash Cardigan Falana Embroidered Pullover
Viscose, nylon, polyester Acrylic, polyester. Embroidered detail Acrylic, polyester. Embroidered detail

Slide View: 1: Carly Embroidered Cardigan Slide View: 1: Miranda Striped Skirt Slide View: 1: Striped Chenille Cardigan
Carly Embroidered Cardigan Miranda Striped Skirt Striped Chenille Cardigan
Acrylic, polyester Embroidered balloon sleeves Polyester, rayon, spandex Here, the classic striped cardigan is rendered in an ultra soft chenille for a layer you'll live in.


Slide View: 1: Sussex Striped Skirt Slide View: 1: Selena Cinched Top Slide View: 1: Lorne Blouse
Sussex Striped Skirt Selena Cinched Top Lorne Blouse
Cotton Modal, polyester, spandex Polyester

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