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Dresses for Easy Wardrobe Options

Dresses in relaxed shapes and comfortable fabrics for easy dressing. Dresses in styles that work for  casual and special occasions. Relaxed options with polish and style. Go to:  Ranna Gill, Sunday in Brooklyn, Farm Rio, LAIA, Amadi, Dresses and Skirts

Farm Rio

What began as a handful of goods at a local fashion fair booth has grown into one of Brazil's most recognizable labels for sun-soaked dressing. With vibrant colors, bold silhouettes, and feminine details embedded in every design, Farm Rio's cheerful creations are crafted with an exotic, toes-in-the-sand spirit that's simultaneously fashion-forward and vintage-inspired.

Slide View: 1: Farm Rio Bloom Maxi Dress Slide View: 1: Farm Rio Paraiso Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Farm Rio Suncatcher Skirt
Farm Rio Bloom Maxi Dress Farm Rio Paraiso Off-The-Shoulder Jumpsuit Farm Rio Suncatcher Skirt
Our go-to for soirees and special occasions this spring? A slimming slip dress, with vibrantly embroidered details that match the joyful mood of the season. Creating a striking look that goes beyond a simple dress or two-piece combo, this all-in-one wonder can be dressed up with heels and a clutch or, for a more casual take, styled with sneakers. Viscose


Slide View: 1: Farm Rio Jessalyn Embroidered Dress
Farm Rio Jessalyn Embroidered Dress
Sheer viscose; viscose lining

Ranna Gill

Internationally renowned for her line of traditionally inspired clothes and accessories, Ranna Gill creates energetic pieces that continue to test the boundaries of fashion. Each statement-making silhouette is crafted with exquisite attention to detail and infused with Gill's joyful, confident spirit.

Slide View: 1: Yori Sleeveless Top Slide View: 1: Pleated Off-The-Shoulder Blouse Slide View: 1: Wheatley Peasant Top
Yori Sleeveless Top Pleated Off-The-Shoulder Blouse Wheatley Peasant Top
95% cotton, 4% polyester, 1% spandex Polyester The '70s-inspired peasant top remains a favorite for its blouson sleeves, which lend a soft, breezy quality and laidback air to any outfit. Balance its loose fit by tucking it into denim shorts or a high-waisted pair of pants.

Slide View: 1: Lecce Tunic Dress Slide View: 1: Lavendar Fields Blouse Slide View: 1: Wyatt Smocked Blouse
Lecce Tunic Dress Lavender Fields Blouse Wyatt Smocked Blouse
Cotton, rayon; rayon lining Polyester; polyester lining Polyester

Slide View: 1: Eastwick Top Slide View: 1: Blishen Off-The-Shoulder Dress Slide View: 1: Lutyens Floral Blouse
Eastwick Top Blishen Off-The-Shoulder Dress Lutyens Floral Blouse
Semi-sheer rayon Polyester; viscose lining 100% semi-sheer polyester

Slide View: 1: Makena Floral Dress Slide View: 1: Mesh Peplum Top Slide View: 1: Noida Blouse
Makena Floral Dress Mesh Peplum Top Noida Blouse
Rayon 100% sheer cotton; 100% polyester lining Cotton

Slide View: 1: Rapsody Blouse Slide View: 1: Duchess Embroidered Blouse Slide View: 1: Polka Dot Midi Skirt
Rapsody Blouse Duchess Embroidered Blouse Polka Dot Midi Skirt
Rayon; nylon lining Rayon Cotton; polyester lining


Slide View: 1: Beverly Floral Blouse Slide View: 1: Daphne Floral Blouse Slide View: 1: Pleated Leopard Midi Skirt
Beverly Floral Blouse Daphne Floral Blouse Pleated Leopard Midi Skirt
Rayon Reminiscent of the '60s, this blouse features a ditsy floral print that is both charming and timeless. This skirt features our favorite spotted print. Surprisingly versatile, a leopard print pairs with chambray buttondowns, graphic tees, and neutral blouses.

Sunday in Brooklyn

Born in South Korea and based in Los Angeles, Jasmine Ko draws inspiration for her designs from across the globe, but especially Brooklyn, the place for which her label is named. Like that beloved borough, Sunday in Brooklynís pieces are casual yet refined, ready for an afternoon in the park or a night in the city.

Slide View: 1: Jess Structured Top Slide View: 1: Everywhere Ribbed Dress Slide View: 1: Canton Striped Top
Jess Structured Top Everywhere Ribbed Dress Canton Striped Top
50% polyester, 30% cotton, 15% acrylic, 5% spandex Cotton 95% cotton, 5% spandex


Slide View: 1: Cupro One-Shoulder Top Slide View: 1: Jetty Pullover Slide View: 1: Larissa Top
Cupro One-Shoulder Top Jetty Pullover Larissa Top
Cupro is the best of both worlds: It has the breathability of cotton with a soft, silk-like feel. Draping elegantly, the material is also washable and resistant to wrinkles - making it the easiest packing essential and an unfailing travel companion. Rayon, polyester, spandex 60% cotton, 40% polyester

Slide View: 1: Delaney Striped Tank Slide View: 1: Mason Midi Dress Slide View: 1: Betty Swing Top
Delaney Striped Tank Mason Midi Dress Betty Swing Top
Associated with classic French style and weekends in Nantucket, stripes - like the ones found on this tank - are a timeless summer staple. A clip-dot motif lends a textured finish to this dress, for a modern take on the classic polka dot print. 94% rayon, 6% spandex. Flutter sleeves

Slide View: 1: Cupro Tank Slide View: 1: Fabiana Floral Top
Cupro Tank Fabiana Floral Top
Cupro is the best of both worlds: It has the breathability of cotton with a soft, silk-like feel. Draping elegantly, the material is also washable and resistant to wrinkles - making it the easiest packing essential and an unfailing travel companion. 94% polyester, 6% spandex


Nicknamed for the Spanish term Eulalia, meaning feminine and romantic, LAIA is a clothing line that focuses on the smallest of details. Expertly blending inspirations from various cultures into each design, the label showcases intricate embroideries and offers the most flattering of fits.

Slide View: 1: Karina Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Botanical Dress Slide View: 1: Grace Embroidered Midi Skirt
Karina Jumpsuit Botanical Dress Grace Embroidered Midi Skirt
Cotton; rayon Viscose; viscose lining Here, an embroidered motif lends an ultra-feminine finish to this lace skirt.

Slide View: 1: Pleated Floral Midi Skirt Slide View: 1: Nantucket Striped Romper
Pleated Floral Midi Skirt Nantucket Striped Romper
A charming melody of floral prints decorate this pleated skirt. Style with a buttondown and heels for a special occasion or a chic office look. A favorite warm-weather staple, the romper has the comfort of shorts and the styling ease of a dress. Finish with sneakers or sandals for a breezy day out.


Founded by partners Nataline Ngo Amadi and Wahid Amadi in 2012, Amadi supports the Los Angeles community by designing and crafting their garments locally. Made using rich fabrics with easy care finishes, Amadi's effortless garments are for the well-traveled woman whose personal style exemplifies her easy-going, yet fashion-forward approach to clothing.

Slide View: 1: April Lace Top Slide View: 1: Patini Pullover Slide View: 1: Adler Tunic Dress
April Lace Top Patini Pullover Adler Tunic Dress
The sheer flutter sleeves on this top add an ethereal finish to any outfit. 64% cotton, 36% polyester Rayon, linen


Slide View: 1: Striped Bodysuit Slide View: 1: Velacruz Off-The-Shoulder Romper Slide View: 1: Space-Dyed Terry Dress
Striped Bodysuit Velacruz Off-The-Shoulder Romper Space-Dyed Terry Dress
Form-fitting and practical, versatility is fused into this layer-able bodysuit's design. Rayon, linen For the perfect weekend style, finish this hooded dress with your favorite sneakers.

Slide View: 1: Lee Lace Blouse Slide View: 1: Epona Romper Slide View: 1: Zip-Front Pencil Skirt
Lee Lace Blouse Epona Romper Zip-Front Pencil Skirt
Forego the expected frock for tailored trousers and a statement top, like the Victorian-inspired blouse seen here. Equally as festive, an occasion top is a versatile piece you'll wear again and again. A favorite summer staple, the romper has the comfort of shorts and the styling ease of a dress. Finish with espadrilles and earrings for a breezy day out. The classic pencil skirt is updated via a cool, zippered front - proving itís all in the details.

Dresses, Blouses and Skirts

Slide View: 1: Nia Tunic Slide View: 1: Desmond Tunic Slide View: 1: Ester Knit Dress
Nia Tunic Desmond Tunic Ester Knit Dress
We love layering this tunic top over our favorite knit leggings - itís a pairing of unsurpassed comfort and versatility, and never goes out of style. 63% rayon, 32% cotton, 3% linen, 1% nylon, 1% spandex Cotton

Slide View: 1: Juniper Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Cape Cod Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Malaga Tiered Tunic
Juniper Jumpsuit Cape Cod Jumpsuit Malaga Tiered Tunic
This jumpsuit is on our must-have list. The nap-ready lounge piece transitions to the streets with ease - simply add your favorite sneakers and a denim jacket. Creating a striking look that goes beyond a simple dress or two-piece combo, this all-in-one wonder can be dressed up with heels and a clutch or, for a more casual take, styled with sneakers. 50% sheer polyester, 35% cotton, 15% rayon

Slide View: 1: Globetrotter T-Shirt Dress Slide View: 1: Adriana Strapless Dress Slide View: 1: Morgan Knit Dress
Globetrotter T-Shirt Dress Adriana Strapless Dress Morgan Knit Dress
Viscose, polyester, elastane Cotton, rayon; cotton, rayon lining Cotton

Slide View: 1: Belted Eyelet Romper Slide View: 1: Jogger Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Smocked Dot Jumpsuit
Belted Eyelet Romper Jogger Jumpsuit Smocked Dot Jumpsuit
A romantic summer staple, eyelet lace lends an effortlessly feminine touch to this belted romper. With the comfort of your favorite joggers, this one-and-done jumpsuit will be a summertime favorite. Polyester

Slide View: 1: Woodblock Midi Dress Slide View: 1: Kismet Shirtdress Slide View: 1: Averil Tee Dress
Woodblock Midi Dress Kismet Shirtdress Averil Tee Dress
Featuring a woodblock floral print, this fit-and-flare dress is a monochromatic vision From workwear staple to occasion statement, this versatile shirtdress will have you looking Ė and feeling Ė your very best. Draping elegantly, this lightweight dress has a silky soft feel and a flattering silhouette that suits daytime fun and evening plans.

Slide View: 1: Hermia Midi Dress Slide View: 1: Charleston Lace Mini Dress Slide View: 1: Watercolor Maxi Dress
Hermia Midi Dress Charleston Lace Mini Dress Watercolor Maxi Dress
Sweetly romantic, this floral-printed dress cinches at the waist with a twirl-worthy, breezy skirt. From the office to summer soirees, a lace dress makes an elegant statement at any occasion. Designed to flatter every body type, this maxi dress has an all-over watercolor print Ė itís a wearable work of art well-suited for spring occasions.


Slide View: 1: Amelia Dress Slide View: 1: Garden Party Dress Slide View: 1: Camellia Collared Dress
Amelia Dress Garden Party Dress Camellia Collared Dress
A rose is a symbol of femininity and love, so it's not surprising we've fallen for this dress, which features the blooms with a vintage-inspired twist. From its delicate chiffon to the dreamlike tiers and floral print, this maxi dress is all about the romantic details. Dress for success without compromising your personal style with this confidence-boosting dress - its tailored fit and retro-inspired collar make it suitable for lunch meetings, post-work drinks, and everything in between.

Slide View: 1: Virginia Dress Slide View: 1: Bolano Dress Slide View: 1: La Boheme Dress
Virginia Dress Bolano Dress La Boheme Dress
With a colorful print under each pleat, this chiffon dress will surprise and delight with each twirl and turn. Featuring our favorite spotted print, this button-front dress is one you'll wear forever. Finish with slingback heels for a refined look that calls for a night out. Featuring sheer sleeves and a beaded finish, this floaty dress is the definition of elegance, with a subtle bohemian touch.


Slide View: 1: Emmy Off-The-Shoulder Dress Slide View: 1: Bellamy Striped Shirtdress Slide View: 1: PatBO Paradise Dress
Emmy Off-The-Shoulder Dress Bellamy Striped Shirtdress PatBO Paradise Dress
Dare to bare your shoulders in this charming floral dress, which suits warm-weather adventures. Whether you keep it sleek and minimal or add glamour with statement accessories, consider this casual shirtdress the perfect canvas for your styling masterpiece. Roll up the sleeves for an easy, cool vibe that suits both work and the weekend. Just in time for warm-weather escapes, this dress features a fun tropical print that's sure to turn heads.


Slide View: 1: Colloquial Wrap Skirt Slide View: 1: Colloquial A-Line Skirt
Colloquial Wrap Skirt Colloquial A-Line Skirt
Fresh As A Daisy: Sweet, youthful, and effortlessly lovely, the daisy is one of our favorite blooms. Here, rosettes of white petals feel fresh against a bold, bright background. Chalkboard Garden: Thinly sketched florals provide elements of subtle contrast - and offer an unmistakable elegance, wherever they're worn.

Slide View: 1: Ribbed Kingsolver Dress Slide View: 1: Grandeur Dress Slide View: 1: Oceanside Cropped Wide-Leg Pants
Ribbed Kingsolver Dress Grandeur Dress Oceanside Cropped Wide-Leg Pants
Designed for maximum comfort, this dress has the ability to be dressed up or down. Style with sneakers for a full day of adventures or pair with heels to make an office-ready statement. In a classic red hue, this soft-knit dress feels modern and feminine at once. Add earrings and sandals for an effortlessly elevated style. Crafted from lightweight linen and super-soft lyocell, these breezy wide legs offer an ultra-comfy alternative to your go-to skinnies.

Slide View: 1: Escondido Smocked Dress Slide View: 1: Alice Cropped Jumpsuit Slide View: 1: Floral Duster Caftan
Escondido Smocked Dress Alice Cropped Jumpsuit Floral Duster Caftan
Rayon; rayon lining A jumpsuit is an all-in-one packing wonder - it frees up your carry-on and saves time spent outfitting. From departure to destination, this floral-printed cover-up dress suits any locale on your wanderlust wish list.

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